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Dress Code

Students should dress appropriately for classroom instruction.  Extreme styles and fads should be avoided.  Proper dress is conducive to good scholarship and behavior.
1.  Students must wear shoes at all times.  For the safety of the students, it is recommended that students wear tennis shoes or sandals with straps in an effort to prevent injury.  In addition, tennis shoes must be worn during physical education.  No bedroom shoes of any kind allowed. 
2.  No short shorts or skirts.  Shorts or skirts should not be shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
3.  Mesh shirts, fish net jerseys, or sheer shirts may be worn only over another shirt that meets dress code requirements.  No see-through or low cut blouses. No mid-riffs visible.

4.  Hats, bandanas, headbands, head-rags, do-rags, hoods, etc. and/or sunglasses are not allowed to be worn in the building unless permission is given from the office or a medical condition requires it. 

5. Extreme hair styles, Mohawk-style cuts, designs that are cut or shaved into the hair, and/or colors that create a distraction in the classroom are not allowed. Hair (including synthetic hair) must be a natural color. 

6.  Halter tops, crop tops, racerback tops, tank tops, spandex tops, and/or strapless dresses or tops are not permissible. Sleeveless shirts must be at least 3 inches wide at the shoulder.

7.  All students must wear undergarments.  Boxer shorts/underwear must be covered at all times.  Pants must be worn no lower than hip level. Shirts longer than 6 inches below the student’s natural waist must be tucked in. NO SAGGING. Repeat offenders may be subject to a “Shirt-Tail” agreement to tuck in their shirt and wear a belt for the remainder of the year.

8.  Any clothing with obscene or suggestive slogans and/or pictures is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, advertisements for beer, drugs, other alcoholic beverages, portrayals of violence, symbols for death or the occult, skulls, weapons, or any other image deemed inappropriate for school by the administration.

9.  No excessively baggy pants, or bike shorts.  No jeans with slashes or holes above the knee are allowed unless patched from the inside. Students are not allowed to wear spandex shorts, tights, and/or nylon athletic shorts under the rips or holes.  Leggings, jeggings, or tight-fitting pants may not be worn as outer garments.  Shirts worn over leggings can be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

10.  Any dress, emblem, jewelry, etc. that symbolizes any gang type of activity is prohibited.  This includes hand signs, symbols or gang books, notched eyebrows, symbols or lettering cut into the hair, and/or gang related graffiti.

11.  Belts must be buckled, sashes tied, buttons buttoned (except at the neck) and suspenders properly worn.

12.  No earrings, studs, or spacers for male students.  Earrings/studs for female students may only be worn in the ear.  No students are allowed to wear gauges.  No other visible body piercings are allowed. 

13. No “grills” or non-corrective dental appliances are to be worn at school.

14. Pajamas and/or bedroom shoes are not allowed and should not be worn to school.

15. No “healies” or skate-type shoes allowed at school. School dress code applies to all school activities.
Student dress shall be neat and in good taste as dictated by common sense and propriety.  The school authorities reserve the right to make the final judgment as to what is neat and in good taste. Students who are inappropriately dressed will be required to change into appropriate clothing or to wear a lab coat for the remainder of the day, based on the following consequences: 
1st Offense –Warning, receive MIR, and allowed to change into appropriate clothes
2nd Offense –Wear a lab coat, receive MIR, and sign dress code agreement 
3rd Offense – Wear a lab coat, receive office referral and go to ISS  Refusal by students to comply with the consequences may result in out of school suspension.  ___________________________________________

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