Dodge County Middle School Title I Survey
33 responses
How important is parent engagement to a student's academic success?33 responses
Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantImportantVery Important72.7%24.2%
Not Important1
Somewhat Important0
Very Important24
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Does the school give you opportunities to be involved in your child's education?33 responses
010203040YesNo31 (93.9%)2 (6.1%)
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Do you feel welcome at your child's school?33 responses
010203040YesNo32 (97%)1 (3%)
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During this school year, how often have you visited your child's school?33 responses
05101520NeverOnce or twiceEvery fewmonthsMonthlyWeekly ormore0 (0%)10 (30.3%)16 (48.5%)4 (12.1%)6 (18.2%)
Once or twice10
Every few months16
Weekly or more6
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When is the best time for you to attend a school event for parents?33 responses
Before SchoolDuring LunchAfter schoolIn the evening12.1%60.6%24.2%
Before School1
During Lunch4
After school8
In the evening20
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Did you participate in the following parent activities and opportunities for parental engagement and partnership?32 responses
0510153 (9.4%)2 (6.3%)5 (15.6%)1 (3.1%)0 (0%)14 (43.8%)0 (0%)3 (9.4%)8 (25%)
Parent Advisory Council2
Parent Teacher Conferences5
Annual Title I Parent Conference1
Revising of the Parent Engagement Plan and Parent/School/Teacher Compact?0
Open House14
Volunteer Opportunities0
Parent Night (fall)3
Parent Night (spring)8
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Do you receive written communication from the school in a format and language that is understandable?33 responses
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How confident are you about your understanding of the content that your child is taught in the classroom, and what your child is expected to know by the end of the school year?33 responses
123450510153 (9.1%)3 (9.1%)1 (3%)13(39.4%)13 (39.4%)
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What are the best ways for you to provide input regarding your child's school?33 responses
Attend meetingsPhone callEmailComplete survey online18.2%30.3%15.2%36.4%
Attend meetings12
Phone call5
Complete survey online6
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In your opinion, what barriers prevent parents from participating in more Parent Engagement activities at the school?26 responses
Parents work schedules (2)
Sometimes schedules prevent them from coming but mostly they don’t want to come. It is not a priority for most parents.
children not taking notes to parents
Busy schedules
Many times, parents may be unable to find child care for younger children in order to participate in activities of children in middle school. They may also have work related issues or in many cases, communication between school and home may be interrupted because students don’t always relay messages.
Parents jobs
Not knowing in time to make arrangements
busy schedules
Employment schedules and possible child care issues
work schedules
nothing really
The time of the event
Away to come
Other activities
more fun things to do
It doesn't seem to change how things are done anyway.
the time
Not given information of the oppertunities available
Work schedule, interest
Some parents just simply don't care anymore
Not enough time and no innovative ways to increase participation
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What ways can parental engagement be strengthened at your child's school?23 responses
Have all parents sign up for Remind 101 (2)
Parents are engaged and given opportunities but often just choose not to participate.
Email instead of notes
Okay like it is
Communication is key. Because of social media and free communication tools such as Remind, many activities are being announced to the public, which helps parent know what is going on at the school.
Better communication between parents & teachers
more notes sent home
It is important to schedule things in advance timing so that the parent can adjust their schedules- Also be organized and informative in what you meeting about.
great school
communication about future events
her work
After school event
Involvement with kids
I don’t know.
Better communication
at the begining of the school year send letters home to parents about the available engagment and the times so parents can get involved.
More personal interest on part of parents
Make meetings with teachers mandatory
Pay teachers to extra pay to stay late and have mandatory conference with parents
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How would you like to see parental engagement funds used?33 responses
Fund a parent resourcecenterProvide academic materialsfor parentsProvide transportationassistance for parents toattend Title I events at theschoolFund technology resources atthe school57.6%33.3%
Fund a parent resource center2
Provide academic materials for parents11
Provide transportation assistance for parents to attend Title I events at the school1
Fund technology resources at the school19
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Did you sign a School Compact at the beginning of the school year?33 responses
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How often do teachers communicate with you about your child's progress?33 responses
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